Our Group

Founding members of this Group are lawyers from the International Business Department of Shanghai De He Han Tong Law Offices, which was established  as one of the earliest partnership law firms in China.

Our office locates in Shanghai’s well-know commercial center, XuJiaHui, and currently our group consists of over twenty legal practitioners and several highly trained support staff. To date, we have provided complex, high level professional services for hundreds of renowned corporations. Service areas include finance and securities, international theessayclub trade and customs compliance corporate law and commercial business transactions, intellectual property rights, criminal defense and alternate dispute resolution methods, including commercial arbitration, mediation, and complex settlement negotiations.

Our philosophy and vision statement is ‘Professionalism, Ethics and Integrity’.



 Chief Attorney

Sandy (Xiu Juan) He

Attorney at Law

Certified Tax Agent

Corporate Counsel

Educational Background

LLM, Law School of Xiamen University, 2005

Practice Area

Foreign Investment and Finance, M&A and Corporate Restructure, Corporation Affairs, International Trade, Criminal defense



Working Experience

During the past 10 years of practice, Ms. He has successfully advised many business deals in the area of FDI, M&A, project financing, assets/liabilities restructure, etc., and in most of these deals, she has efficiently provided “one-stop” legal services to the clients, from projects’ initial planning, feasibility research and Due Diligence, to the following business negotiation, legal documentation and other legal services regarding the follow-up business operations of the projects.

In the fields of litigation & arbitration, Ms. He has represented hundreds of cases, from both China and foreign countries, before tribunals in litigation and arbitration proceedings involving various types of disputes. Ms. He also https://essaywriterusa.com regularly appears as counsel and serves as legal expert before arbitration institutions in China. Over the past decade, she has amassed a wealth of experience in handling complex commercial disputes, especially those involving foreign elements.

And as criminal defense lawyer, Ms. He has handled and tried a wide range of foreigner-involved criminal cases in Shanghai and other cities in China, and with strong emphasizes on the trial phase of legal advocacy, she has continued to provide efficient legal services for foreigners who are facing criminal charges in China.

While in the course of practicing law, Ms. He has been maintaining close working relationship with government authorities concerned. Meanwhile, she has built up wide contact with numerous eminent law offices home and abroad. All these available resources enable her to furnish more convenient service to business entities, institutions and individuals.

Ms. He spares no effort to safeguard the rights and interests of their clients and have enjoyed trust of them and won high praise for their proficiency and reliability.