We provide services concerning every regulatory matter of all banking business. We examine the inherent risks whether the client is a developer, lender, host government, or other participant and propose a framework to allocate risks to the parties best able to bear them, with a view to minimizing the risks assumed by the client. Once the client determines which risks it is willing or required to bear, we work together to minimize the costs emanating from those risks and maximize the rewards the client seeks from its investment, whether equity, debt or other value such as fees, royalties or concession receipts.

Our Advantage

♦  With an in-depth understanding of PRC laws, our lawyers currently act as the legal advisor to many leading domestic banks and other financial institutions.

♦  We also represent a large number of other international and domestic banks, financial institutions and other commercial lenders operating in China.

♦  We have built up and maintain an excellent working relationship with some major Chinese financial regulatory authorities.

Our Service

♦  General Banking and Regulatory Compliance: We have acted as general outside counsel and provided specialized legal services to various domestic and foreign financial institutions with respect to the legal and regulatory compliance issues arising from their daily business operations, general banking business, financial products and financial services launched in China.

♦  Project Finance: We represent clients in

     a) structuring financing for a project;

     b) drafting and negotiating loan documentation for a variety of financing types, together with security documents and collateral agency agreements, inter-creditor documents and cross collateralization arrangements; and

    c) drafting and negotiating other relevant legal documents.

♦  Acquisition Finance: We represent financial institutions, equity funds, and corporate entities in connection with financing of mergers, acquisitions, management and highly leveraged buyouts, restructurings and other similar transactions.

♦  Loan & Credit: We represent both financial institutions and corporate borrowers in every aspect of loan transactions, including single bank loans, bilateral loans, syndicated loans, and participations, and are typically comprised of term loans, revolving loans, letter of credit facilities, and/or bid loan facilities.

♦  Disposal of Non-performing Loans: We are a key player in helping our clients in the financial industry to realize value from portfolios of non-performing assets. Particularly, we have deep experience in helping commercial banks to separate non-performing loans from other assets. Our services include:

     a) Design of deal structures;

     b) Conducting legal due diligence; and

     c) Drafting, reviewing and negotiating relevant legal documents.

♦  Dispute Resolution: We have successfully advised various domestic and international financial institutions with respect to the disputes arising from local financial business operations in China, and also from cross-border transactions as well. We regularly represent domestic and international clients in the financial industry in international and domestic arbitration proceedings.