Lawyers of our group are adept in providing legal consultancy services to international clients in regulatory compliance, corporate registration documentation, contract negotiation and review, tax planning, labor relations, and dispute settlement.

Our Service

♦  Establishment and registration of company;

♦  Design and improvement of equity & administration structure;

♦  Management of corporate operation risk;

♦  Design and improvement of internal control system;

♦  Franchise;

♦  Tax-law related services;

♦  Labor -law related services;

♦  Control of company’s credit and debt risk;

♦  Merger, division, acquisition and restructuring of company;

♦  Mediation of dispute in corporate equity;

♦  Bankruptcy restructuring, bankruptcy and liquidation.

Annual Legal Counselor

Annual legal counselor is our traditional advantage on legal service of this area. We provide multi-level and all-sides service on legal counselor including corporate foundation, compliance management, risk management, stock transfer, merger and acquisition, corporate restructuring, finance, labor relation, etc.

We emphasize team work when providing legal support, our legal opinion is usually issued by collecting points of views from several lawyers specialized in different fields, so it is a collection of special knowledge and experience of lawyers from several special fields.