The Chinese legal and regulatory regimes are complex. Whether FDI or the acquisition of existing business, you need the best service from a team of qualified and experienced local legal advisers, whose support is crucial to your business for its successful penetration of, and the long-term growth in, the Chinese market.

Foreign investment related legal service is one of the most important practices of our group. We have diverse and rich experience in providing legal services relevant to various foreign investments for clients at home and abroad.

We will support you throughout the project, conduct the due diligence, draft relevant contracts and corporate documents, and execute the project. We will also take care of government relations, and can either represent or assist you in negotiations. Where required, we also advise on exit strategies, and initiate procedures for your subsidiary¡¯s sale, liquidation or bankruptcy.

In addition, we provide our clients with services related to corporate matter on a daily basis, such as assisting in board meetings and preparation of board resolutions, appointment and dismissal of directors and senior executives, and corporate and regulatory compliance supervisions.

♦  Establishment of WFOE, JV or RO(representative office);

♦  VC/PE investment;

♦  Foreign M&A;

♦  Termination and Liquidation;

♦  Foreign investment related dispute resolution.

Our Service

♦  Due diligence and legal documents preparation;

♦  Representing the investor in negotiations;

♦  Conducting the application for approving procedures of the investment, dealing with coordination work among government authorities related to the project;

♦  Registrations and filings with government authorities on establishment of JV, WFOE and RO in China;

♦  Consulting services for foreign invested companies in terms of import and export, foreign exchange balance, taxation, Customs, Commodity inspection etc.;

♦  Restructuring and liquidation of foreign-invested enterprises.