We have substantial expertise in assisting clients on protecting and enforcing intellectual property rights through administrative, civil or criminal action, and also in drafting appropriate agreements and licenses to protect such rights.

Our IP lawyers advise clients on legal issues relating to patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets and domain management. In addition to conventional legal support to IP, we provide enterprises with standardized and professional IP protection system and IP strategic plan, maximally helping them generate wealth and enhance core competitiveness.

Our Service

♦  Obtaining of patent, trademark, copyright and other IPRs, and relevant business, license and transfer thereof;

♦  Offering & implementing IPR protection plan;

♦  Investigation of IPR infringement, and IPR prosecutions and litigation;

♦  Unfair competition;

♦  Advising on trade secrets;

♦  Advising on technical contracts;

♦  Investment / financing of IPR;

♦  Domain name registration and dispute resolution.