Our international trade practice has grown together with China’s increased importance in the international trade scene.

Our service involves every aspect of business and parties concerning international trade. Our main clients include import and export companies, foreign invested companies, airline companies, shipping companies, logistic companies, shipping agents, insurance companies, etc.

We have a professional and conscientious team, which enables us to provide clients with high quality legal service related to international trade in both Chinese and English.

Our Service

♦  Conduct due diligence or credibility investigation on targeted Chinese entities or individuals;

♦  Draft and review various kinds of international trade contracts and legal documents such as international sale contracts, transportation and shipping contracts, bidding contracts, government purchasing contracts, charter parties, insurance contracts, shipping agent contracts, credit and finance contracts, mortgage contracts, etc;

♦  Participate in trade negotiation, and issue legal opinion and attorney letters thereon as per request of our clients;

♦  Provide legal assistance regarding international trade financing, including short-term credit, L/C financing and guarantee;

♦  Advise on labeling, marking and other legal requirements on products imported into China;

♦  Dispute Resolutions:

1.Bill of lading disputes, import & export claims;

2.International payment and letter of credit disputes;

3.Cargo insurance, transportation disputes;

4.Time charter party disputes; bareboat charter party disputes; ship damage dispute;

5.WTO dispute settlement proceedings;

6.Arbitration or lawsuits concerning international trade, maritime affairs.