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  • If you or your company needs some legal assistance for your business projects in China, including FDI, VC, PE, M&A, IP, tax, labor, etc.; Or
  • If you or your company involves in some kind of commercial disputes or any other type of legal issues with local entities or individuals in China; Or
  • If you, your family members or friends are facing criminal charges, or victimized in any crimes in China.
  • Then, some local lawyers with substantial experience and wide-range of connections will be needed.
  • And, for all of these, We Are the Lawyers You Need!


Bank & Financing

We have acted as general outside counsel and provided specialized legal services to various domestic and foreign financial institutions with...

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Corporate Affairs

Lawyers of our group are adept in providing legal consultancy services to international clients in regulatory compliance, corporate registration...

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Foreign Investment

The Chinese legal and regulatory regimes are complex. Whether FDI or the acquisition of existing business, you need the best service from...

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International Trade

Our service involves every aspect of business and parties concerning international trade. Our main clients include import and export companies...

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Intellectual Property

We have substantial expertise in assisting clients on protecting and enforcing intellectual property rights through administrative, civil or criminal action...

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Criminal Defense

If you or your friends are facing criminal charges in China, it is critical that you consult with a local criminal defense lawyer immediately so that prompt...

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Why Choose Us?

In-depth understanding of PRC laws, years of practical experience accumulation in the area of foreign-elements involved legal services;

Dedicated, client-oriented teamwork;

Wide range connections with major government authorities in China, covering judicial, financial regulatory, foreign investment administrative, IP, customs, taxation, Shanghai Free Trade Zone Administration, etc;

Excellent working relationship with numerous eminent law offices both in China and abroad;

Close contacts with most of the foreign Embassies and Consulates in Shanghai, Beijing and other major cities in China.


Cnlawyergroup.com is a professional legal service organization consisting of a group of experienced
Chinese lawyers and consultants from Shanghai, China.

Main founders of this group are lawyers from International Business Department of Shanghai De He Hang Tong Law Offices, one of the growing law firms in China.

During our practice, increasingly we realize the importance and necessity of building up a systematic and professional team for us providing more comprehensive and high quality legal service to our clients. Therefore, we have put our efforts to

gather ranks and marshal resources from local legal practitioners with expertise on foreign-involved legal services;also we have built up close working relationships with numerous eminent law offices home and abroad, thereby come this exceptional group.

Based in Shanghai, we are aiming to provide high qualified legal services for clients at home and abroad.

Chief Attorney

Sandy (Xiu Juan) He
Senior Partner
Attorney at Law
Corporate Counsel

LLM, Law School of Xiamen University, 2005

Practice Area
Foreign Investment and Finance, M&A and Corporate Restructure, Corporation Affairs, International Trade, Criminal defense